6. RecyclingDesignpreis 2015

7. zerobarracento – reduce waste of Biella’s wool producers and sustain that department

camilla carrara / Berlin

Material: pre industrial waste of wool companies, pre consumer waste of wool companies

develop fabrics from pre industrial and pre consumer waste of wool producers of the Biella department. In my opinion the huge value of this waste can not be thrown, my fabrics keep the high quality standards f the department and are made of 100% recycled wool yarn, no mixture is required. This is a positive element for the future: post consumer recycling will be easier. Made in Italy is a key value of the project and Made in Biella is also more important, Biella is an area in which, due to the economical crisis, a lot of companies are closing for bankrupt, highlight their values is small help to sustain them. This fabrics are used for zero waste coats. All the patterns are developed to keep the waste to zero.

7. worldwide urban furniture from wasted wind blades